Friday, May 12, 2017

Miramichi Majesty

Last weekend ,we saw a 50 year event with the water being high enough to cause road closures and logs running the river pulled out by their roots by the raging currents. This evening is one of those rare ones , where I can enjoy setting on my deck, watching the majesty of all the Miramichi has to offer. We have not had enough warm weather to allow the mosquitoes to be out in any numbers.
The spring Atlantic salmon have for the most part descended the river on their journey back to the ocean and we await the platinum salmon to come back from their journey far into the Atlantic Ocean. With the warmer temperatures and the sun shine today, the stripped bass will be making their way into the higher reaches of the river for their spawning frenzie.
Some boats still marooned high and dry from the water descending.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Big water on the Miramichi

On my last post, I indicated that we were putting the boats in the river only to bring them in to the foot of the hill as the water went up and down. With the rain we are having and the way the water has risen, I expect they will be at the foot of the hill for some time. In the early 60's, I remember water like this, over the meadows everywhere.Dale said he and his Dad spent a day on the meadows on the Northwest Miramichi collecting cows out of trees which had been turned out to pasture and had drowned in the flooding.
Northwest Miramichi running more debris than the Little Southwest Miramichi this afternoon but both at unbelievable levels.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Beautiful night on the Miramichi


Beautiful night on the Miramichi

It has been a very unpredictable spring. Lack of warm temperatures and rain made me think the ice would never run. Well some how it did. Now we can't get the tap turned off, between the rain and the melting snow in the high lands, we have been playing a game of bringing the boats into the foot of the hill because the river is busting its banks and putting them back where the river should be when it subsides. Played the game 3 times this spring so far. Good news, it dropped enough and cleared enough that guests picked up salmon between games and when salmon were not co-operating,we could chase the bass.